What is Winstrol?

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Winstrol, (Stanozolol) called "winny" or “winni” in the bodybuilding world is a synthetic anabolic steroid.  It was developed by Winthrop Labs in 1962 and is actually FDA approved to be used in humans.   Winstrol is actually interesting in that it's sold in oral form in tablets, but also comes in Depot form and you can inject or drink the liquid version.  I have never injected it, as its been said its a very painful injection, I have always used either the tablets or drank the liquid version.  I found the tablets easiest to take because liquids are harder to measure.

Medical uses in both animal and humans consist of anaemia and hereditary angioedema.  Vets will use it for a variety of reasons for weakened animals, including increased appetite and bone density.

what is winstrol?Stanozolol may have grown popular with the news that Ben Johnson used it when he got a gold medial in sprinting; however, I can assure you it wasn't Winstrol that helped him win, merely he got busted for it.  So if you want to become a faster sprinter and think you can take some winny and become the next Olympic superstar you will be sadly disappointed.   Nevertheless, you still hear on fitness forums that winny is a great AAS to use for sprinting and running, and its unlikely that myth will die anytime soon.  There have been numerous athletes who have tested positive for winstrol over the years, so obviously you would think they would learn by now winny is easy to detect; in fact, the liquid version it detectable a full 2 months and the oral version is detectable 3 weeks.  Perhaps this confuses athletes into thinking they can pass the test when they run the liquid version not aware of the difference in detection?

With bodybuilders winny is used in a cutting cycle of course.  Although there is direct evidence that winny burns fat, it will also shed off water weight and act as an AI so it will give the impression of burning fat and excess water.  Since winny does a great job in lowering SHBG you could argue its a great compound to throw into a steroid cycle stack, which will help increase free testosterone.  

Stanozolol is without its side effects, and as with any steroid if you stack with other harsh compounds it will make the side effects worse.  For example winny is a head hair killer, stack it with another one like that and you may have a major problem keeping your hair.  With the oral form, mg for mg, it has one of the highest toxicity of any steroid so it is crucial you are careful to not stack it with other harsh liver orals of any kind and run support supplements to help cleanse out the liver.   Also winny is extremely harsh on the cholesterol levels both good and bad.  For this reason you should limit winny to 6 weeks only initially to see how you react, use to finish off a cycle.  

Another issue with winny is the dryness can affect the joints, if you have existing joint problems winny may not be the best decision.  Also powerlifters must be careful not to abuse winny for this reason and probably are best served choosing something else.  In my experience I did in fact notice some joint discomfort on winny, however some users say they don't have any problems at all.  So its all dependent on the individual and your best bet is to run it conservatively the first time and see how you react then go from there.

Obviously as you could of guessed winstrol androgenic to anabolism ratio is skewed to the anabolism side so this is a compound that is safe for women.  
And also, as you could of guessed, winny is obviously a strong DHT derivative so based on both of those facts winny alone probably isn't the best idea unless you simply want to dry out and harden up.  Consider stacking with testosterone, EQ, or any other more anabolic compound.  
In terms of dosage women should shoot for 5-10mg's per day.

Men should attempt 25-50 mg's per day.  Some guys will go as high as 100 mg's a day but I do not think this is necessary.   The liquid form can be taken every other day or every third day.  The sweet spot for me was 25-50mg's every day or every other day.  I felt like 50 mg's per day was too high personally and was much more comfortable at 25 mg's per day.  The oral form should obviously be taken split dose every day. 

Stacking, both men and women can stack winstrol with anavar or a 3 combo with clenbuterol, that's going to depend on the interest in the goals.

Bottom line is Stanozolol makes a great choice for those looking for something to finish off their cycle and dry and harden up.