What is Trenbolone?


Trenbolone, known as parabolan, fina or tren, is easily the most powerful anabolic androgetic steroid (AAS) available today, known as the king of steroids. Parabolan was originally designed for use in people but in 1997 it was discontinued. The old school bodybuilders who were lucky enough to try the original pharma grade french parabolan found the compound to be nothing short of amazing. Today tren is used in livestock/cattle and is banned in the USA for human use. Though, it is widely available for bodybuilders and powerlifters thanks to UG labs; this has made it fairly cheap compared to other compounds.


Trenbolone is a 19nortestosterone, meaning it lacks the anabolic hormone at the 19th carbon on the structure. Nandrolone (deca durabolin) is structured the same way, but tren is different in that it will be extremely difficult for the compound to aromatize in anyway due to the difference in the way it is structured. This explains why many users experience success with cutting down (getting lean) with tren. Trenbolone is also 5 times more anabolic than testosterone and is the absolute best nutrition partitioning AAS available making. This makes it ideal for bulking and strength increases. If you are insulin sensitive, you may notice a decrease in body fat on tren due to its strong anabolic properties. Therefore, if you're looking to get lean and cut, tren is ideal for you.


There are 3 ester variations to trenbolone. You have acetate, ethanate and you have hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. If you are new to tren, I recommend using the shorter ester acetate in case side effects become too great where you can halt use and allow the ester to clear out quicker. Once you gain experience you can start using the longer estered Hex and Enan, so you will be prepared for the sides. Overall, the best idea with trenbolone is to start with the oral version and see how you do.

Side Effects

Trenbolone has a reputation for having tremendous side effects, perhaps more than any other compound. This is due to several reasons. Nutrition partitioning: this leads to low blood sugar symptoms including insomnia, irritability, lack of patience, feeling tired. This issue can be resolved by using glycogen tablets and making sure you are spreading carbs throughout the day. Tren will also cause you to become dehydrated, so water must be drank more than usual. Also since tren builds mass and strength so rapidly, the body's lipids will become strained much faster, using a support supplement is crucial in this situation. I highly recommend bloodwork be done prior to using tren, if you have lipid strain before then tren will make your problems much worse very quickly. Since tren will raise your prolactin levels, you may experience libido issues or in rare cases even gynecomastia. Just be careful and use trenbolone smart to avoid side effects.


Dosages vary with trenbolone. In my own experience, having run tren many times, I have found 200-250mg per week is an ample dosage which will yield excellent results and limit sides. The average dosage, though, seems to be 350mg which most bodybuilders take. If you are not experienced with tren, do not go over 200mg a week your first time. Also, if you are new to steroids, use tren in a stack with something like winstrol. A first time tren user should run oral trenbolone to avoid the harsh side effects of injectables.

Cycles and Stacks

As far as stacking, you can absolutely run tren alone with no testosterone and still have tremendous results, lets remember it is 5X more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone so unlike some other compounds you need not worry about using test to give it a kick. I have found that stacking tren with anavar is a tremendous strength stack, for those who want to bulk using tren with dbol or tren with winstrol is an excellent choice. However, keep in mind the more compounds you stack with tren the harsher the sides will become, you never want to stack tren with halotestin or superdrol.

Some users have reported roid rage and aggression from tren. I feel this is due to immaturity. It's important to remember to always take your aggression out in the weight room and not on loved ones. If you are incapable of consistently working out and taking your anger out the right way, then you have no business using such a harsh compound which is 5X more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone. Remember there are no such thing as shortcuts.

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