What is Primobolan?

What is it?

Primobolan which is called "Primo" in the AAS community is a DHT produced solely as an anabolic steroid. For this reason and many more, it is considered a superior compound over anything else when it comes to getting lean. Primo is both injectable and oral; however, it is far more effective when taken orally and that is how it is typically used. There are many fitness forum myths that accompany primobolan and I will attempt to get into them all in this article.

Myths and Facts

The main myth behind primo of it being weak is based on the fact it is non estrogenic, so you do not get any water weight from it. This is a disappointment to newbie and undersized bodybuilders who want to watch the scale go up everyday and do not care about filling their muscles being filled up with water. Primo is half as androgenic as testosterone, so don't expect to feel aggressive on it or have raging 'aggression based' sex drive like you would on trenbolone, where you want to have sex with everything you see. Also, since the anabolic rate is lower than testosterone do not expect much nutrition partitioning with primo as you would other AAS, this is why guys who want to bulk are disappointed with primo. Those that want lean and slow gains will be very pleased with the quality muscle mass they put on with primo. Bottom line is primobolan is perfect for those who want consistent returns, much like investing in a high dividend utility stock vs. investing into a boom or bust biotech or tech stock. The main use of primobolan is to shed bodyfat and look leaner.

Primo has very low side effects thanks to its lack of estrogenic activity but one side effect it can have since it is a DHT is head hair loss, however in my experience it isn't as bad as other AAS such as winstrol or masteron.

Some medical uses for primo include reduction in breast tumors and also it has been found in studies to be an immune system enhancer. I find this to be accurate as I was recently on a primbolan cycle and everyone around me caught a horrible sinus infection but I avoided getting sick. Since primo is banned in the USA we will never know until that is reversed how useful it could be for AIDS patients.

Since primo is not a nutrition partitioner, one of the main advantages is you can run sub caloric deficits and not suffer from low blood sugar symptoms. This is why, in my opinion, primo is the most superior AAS out there to use for contest prep if you are trying to cut down into a competition without feeling horrible. The secret is its ability to retain nitrogen in the muscle, so you can cut down your fat without sacrificing muscle. Basically, you can run low calories and gain muscle mass. It's amazing for fat loss!

What makes oral primo unique is that it is non-17-alpha-alkylation, so it is not liver toxic. However, this characteristic also makes it less effective since the liver goes to work on it. So you will probably have to take a larger dose of the oral version for it to be effective, up to 100mg a day, with females taking 25mg a day. That's going to depend on the tablets you're using of course.

Cycle and Stacks

Since primo isn't androgenic, it is highly recommended to stack it with something that is, to give it a kick. I recommend winstrol or anavar, with clenbuterol as a kicker.


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