What is Dianabol?

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Dianabol, called by the slang term dbol, is the most popular and well known oral anabolic steroid on the market.  Due to its cheap price and low dosage needed to get results it typically is the first steroid used by those who are new to steroid use.

The history behind Dianabol is quite interesting and makes for a fun gym story among lifters.  Dr. Ziegler who was a rough and tough former American Marine and hardcore lifter himself noticed athletes in Russia were definately taking something to give them an edge during the mid 50's.  He convinced the Russian doctor to go out with him to a local tavern to discuss their secret and it was revealed, perhaps while drunk, that they were taking testosterone injections.   He decided to give his guys back home testosterone injections at first to give them an edge so they could catch up to the Russians, but the lifters complained about the injections and didn't like the way it made them feel.

what is dianabolFinally, he came up with dianabol which is considered the worlds first anabolic steroid, and he tested it out on himself to make sure it was safe, and from there by the early 60's the lifters who used this amazing new drug became strong and massive. 

Today, we have come a long way since those days but still, even in the 21st century, bodybuilders and powerlifters still revert back to this compound because of its price and ease of use.  Lets face it, anyone can take dbol and get very fast results.   However, its important to keep in mind there are a host of side effects from dbol.  The biggest worry is the amazing amount of aromatization with this compound where it converts to estrogen in the body.  So if you are prone to gyno, you will have to low-dose your dbol.  Also, due to the increase in water retention it can cause blood pressure to rise, which is why a healthy diet (low salt/sodium) along with supplements will be needed to control the problem.

Typical dosages are between 10-50mg per day, the average and the recommended dosage in my opinion is 30mg per day split dosage, however I prefer 20mg a day.  Dbol half life is 4-6 hours so its a good idea to take a dose atleast twice a day.  I personally like to take a dose in the morning and then in the afternoon before the gym.

Another thing dbol is known for is "the pump".  This is due to blood and nutrients getting shuttled into the muscle as you are working it.  For this reason endurance athletes should think a bit before taking dianabol – you might have to low dose it.  Taking taurine can help with pumps if they become too crippling but you should definately enjoy the feeling of the pump and encourage blood and nutrients to flow into the muscles as it can help with growth.  
Typical cycle length of dbol is 4-6 weeks; however, the most common way to use dbol today is to use it to kickstart a cycle since it works so fast.  Results are seen within the first week or two.  For me, dbol was the first steroid I ever used and I can remember after only 3 days doing 6 reps of the same weight I was doing 4 of previously.  Dbol also is known as a tremendous appetite stimulant and also makes you feel wonderful.  You eat more and train more, what else can you ask for right? Dianabol is just great.

As with all oral steroids its also important to remember to protect your liver while on.  This means no alcohol use and a support supplement which will help de-tox the liver such as milk thistle.  Recovery can be aided by controlling estrogen while on so that you do not go into pct with elevated levels.  If your liver is clean, post cycle recovery will be very easy.

Stacking dbol is extremely popular.   The most popular dbol stack bantered on message boards is the cookie cutter dbol and deca cycle, followed by Dbol and Winstrol.  This is typically 6 weeks of dbol and 6 weeks of deca, its a short but hardcore cycle.   If you do not want to use an injectable steroid, the deca, dbol cycle would be your best choice, and its a personal favorite of mine.

Due to dbol being so expensive to manufacture it is rare to get bad dbol, though always check your source.  Some labs also have liquid dbol, I do not recommend this as in my opinion there is no benefit to using liquid over tablets.  Tablets are always the best.  I suggest GS Labs Dianabolos, it's a great brand and you get about 10mgs/tab making cycling very easy.

Women should not use dbol due to its high androgens.  Period.