What is Sustanon?

Sustanon 250 is probably the most popular ester mix available but many of the users do not even understand what it is or why it was developed and are surprised to hear about it. Also, there is great misunderstanding about how to run this compound and due to that it has become a failure at its intended purpose and is shunned by the medical community, I will explain more later.

First Sustanon was developed by Organon for the purpose of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). It contains 4 esters with different half lives. Two shorter esters and two longer esters which total 250mg's, hence the name '250'. There is a very small amount of propionate (known as 'prop'), only 30mg's. Phenylpropionate 60mg's, isocaproate 60mg's, and the largest and longest ester decanoate (known as 'deca') 100mg's. Since longer esters make up the bulk of sustanon250 it is common sense that you do not need to use this compound very often, which is the reason it was developed for HRT to begin with. However, because of the very small amount of prop it contains some message board guru's insist on injection every other day, which is not the correct way to use this compound. The way it was designed was every 8-10 days and as you use each ester picks up after one another. This would allow you to only have to use 3X per month if you were on long term HRT.

Unfortunately the concept never really took off and doctors have shunned away from writing scripts for sustanon and instead typically prefer to script testosterone cypionate instead. Still many users feel sustanon is a terrific testosterone to run and the reason for this is probably for two main reasons. First, Organon is an excellent brand and their Sustanon is incredibly cheap and readily available, so users will get quality pharmaceutical grade testosterone. And the 2nd reason may be because of the two short esters which you will feel hit you quickly. I can remember the first time I ran sustanon and on the 3rd day I would swear I felt my lifts jump slightly thanks to the prop and phenylprop.

There is some constroversy as to how to dose sustanon. Some believe you should run high dosages because of the ester blend and how each picks up one after the other, and use it infrequently. Others swear by running a cookie cutter dosage of 500mg a week and injecting twice a week. In any event you could argue that it isn't as necessary to use a fast acting oral such as dbol to kickstart sustanon because of the 2 short esters, so this might be one advantage over using test E or cyp. Typically guys will run 250mg-1G a week and for 8-14 weeks. Although in my experience nothing more than 500mg a week is necessary.

Another problem that may have killed sustanon is the explosion in underground labs which now put out testosterone decanoate or other long esters so you can easily get away with infrequent injections or oral dosages without dealing with a roller coaster of esters kicking in and dropping off all the time. I have also noticed with sustanon PIP (post injection pain), this is probably due to the prop....While other testosterone esters like enanthate and cypionate are very smooth and pain free.

Like all testosterone, sustanon 250 will aromatize so its important to consider running or at least having an anti estrogen on hand. You can expect enhanced protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and increased red blood cell count.

Users typically will enjoy increased appetite and increase in aggression and libido. This is typical of all testosterone. The bad side though is that gynecomastia, shrinkage of the testicles and severe suppression can or will occur. The higher dosage you run also the better chance you have of developing other side effects such as increased blood pressure and other lipid strain. It is crucial not just to carry an AI on hand but also have support supplements and a strong PCT in place.

Sustanon 250 is great for stacking and I highly recommend using with a dry compound such as primobolan, masteron, anavar, or winstrol. But sustanon 250, of course, can be stacked with anything. I would recommend dropping your sustanon dose the more compounds you stack with it, this will help limit side effects.

I do not recommend females use Sustanon.