Parabolan 75 (Trenbolone)

Parabolan 75 (Trenbolone)

  • 5X more anabolic and androgenic than test
  • Known as the King of all anabolics
  • Increases aggression and strength due to high androgens
  • Nutrition partitions which makes it an amazing mass builder
  • Fast gains and fast muscle mass
  • Increase fat loos
  • Boost muscle hardness and look
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What is Parabolan 75?

If you are looking for the most advanced and ultimate anabolic in existance than look no further than trenbolonplex 75.  Tren is both 5X more anabolic and androgenic than T which means its amazingly strong.  Due to the high androgens a user will experience increased aggression and strength.  Tren is known as the king of anabolics.   Because of its high anabolic nature it nutrition partitions better than any other anabolics out there which makes it an unfair mass builder and gains are fast and fierce. 

Manufactured by: Golden Star Labs


Trenbolonplex 75 is generally stacked with - Clenbuterall, Anvar 10 and Winstroll

What's in a bottle?

1 bottle is 60 tablets @ 75mgs/tab


Take 1 tablet, 2 times per day for 30-60 days (4-8 week cycle).
1 tablet in AM, 1 tablet 30 minutes pre-workout (before your workout); also take on non-workout days.  For best results, use in a 2 months cycle.


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