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Thread: [GS Labs]Winstroll Log

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    This week all circuit training, 3x per week
    Circuit training - full body - 2 hour workout
    *25 reps per bodypart all bodyparts

    I'm super lean now, loving it.

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    This week all heavy lifts, I did squats 3 times, bench 3 times, deadlifts 3 times
    Circuit training - full body - 2 hour workout in th eend
    added cardio in the morning daily
    *25 reps per bodypart all bodyparts for 6 sets after cardio

    Already lost 4% bodyfat and gained muscle.

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    3 more weeks in I'm finishing up the stack and switching to pure Anavar and Clenbuterol, who is liking this new idea?

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    Just got my anavar clenbuterol, going to stack the 2 for my cycle now.

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    IFBB Professional Bodybuilder sam's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    anavar and clenbuterol is a great stack very smooth lean out from winstrol to anavar/clen
    My Stats:
    250lbs - competition weight
    280lbs - offseason
    5% bodyfat
    17 years training

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