How to use Winstrol?

how to use winstrolMy good bros, winstrol is one of the best cutting anabolic on the market, it’s especially potent when stacked with anavar.  I know a lot of you are confused about winstrol use, so let me give you some tips.

1) You need to know what the heck winstrol is, read this:  what is winstrol

2) You need to know how to use winstrol?

*This is a strand alone 4 week winny stack.

Week 1:
1 tablet Winstroll AM/1 tablet of winstroll PM
Week 2-3:
1 tablet of winstroll pre-workout/1 tablet post-workout
week 4:
2 tablets of winstroll pre-workout

3) Stacking Winstrol and Anavar

Week 1:
AM: 1 tablet Winstroll
Pre-workout: 1 tablet Winstroll
Post-workout: 2 tablets Anvar

Week 2-4:
AM: 1 tablet Winstroll
Pre-workout: 1 tablet Winstroll
Post-workout: 1 tablet Anvar
PM: 1 tablet Anvar

4) Where can you buy winstrol? I suggest you buy winstroll from GS Labs.

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Karl Agaton

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One thought on “How to use Winstrol?

  1. PAT

    how would you stack primo and winstrol? it’ll be my 1st cycle. I wanna go with this stack. what do you suggest? thank you!


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