How to use Deca Durabolin?

how to use deca durabolinDeca durabolin is a secret bulking steroid that young guys rarely talk about.  The really skinny guys are the ones who need it the most, and, ironically, they are the ones that miss this anabolic in their cycles.  One of the best cycles out there is Deca + dianabol, but why are guys not stacking the 2 compounds for bulkers? Generally, they aren’t educated enough on the topic, so I’ll try to clear up some myths and problems with deca durabolin here.
1) To start, you need to learn about deca first, read this:  what is deca durabolin?

2) Well, I hope you read the whole article, let’s go back to using deca – let’s find out how to use deca durabolin.  I will show you the most popular bulking cycle on the planet for many years, deca + dbol.

Week 1-4:
2 tablets of decca AM (morning) + 2 tablets of dianabolos before workout

Week 5-8:
2 tablets of decca before workout + 2 tablets of dianabolos after workout
3) Where can you buy deca durabolin? I suggest you buy it at iRoids – Decca Durabol 250, great brand and product.

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