How to use anavar?

how to use anavarGuys are out there right now, not realizing that anavar is one of the best cutting anabolics out there.

1) here is a good article on anavar:  What is Anavar

2) Now that you read about anavar, you probably want to know how to use it, right?

Oral anavar is usually cycled for 4-8 weeks, let’s start with the 4 week cycle.

Week 1:
1 tablet in the morning/1 tablet before bed (1 hour before bed)

Week 2:
1 tab in the AM/1 tab pre-workout (before your workout)

Week 3-4:
1 tab before workout/1 tab after workout
*before, means 10min before
*after, means 10min after

*If you want to run your cycle longer, you can continue the week 3-4 regiment for week 5-8.

3) The most important question, where can you buy anavar?
I suggest GS Labs Anvar, you can buy it here.

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