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Women and Steroids

I noticed a lot of my girls are coming to me asking about steroids, this has happened more and more over the years.  While I think some women can do a cycle, many girls aren’t prepared to use steroids at all!  They make so many mistakes it’s unreal.  My friend Karl, who writes for this blog, also mentioned he thinks the biggest mistake women make is in diet.  I think it’s both diet and training.  Most of the girls that I train come to me with a 7 day per week cardio routine with NO weight training! that’s horrible.  It’s the other way around.  You should weight train 5 days per week, do cardio 3 days per week and have a MINIMUM 2 day rest per week (that’s at the low side gals).

women overtraining

Fig 1. Overtraining vs. Fitness Levels

WHY? Well, our bodies are not like men.  If we overtrain, we start gaining weight, this is typical evolution in play.  Therefore, if you are a female and you want to do steroids, make sure your steroid cycle matches your dieting and training cycle.  You don’t just think of anabolics as magic.  You should do a lot of weight training and moderate cardio.

Recently, I wrote an article that newbie women will like:  Beginner Female Steroid Cycle
Read it and you can start the cycle, but be smart and follow my guidelines.

A bit about me, I’m a certified trainer and nutritionist, Betty Lopez, here’s my pic (as of a week ago):
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Good luck,

Betty Lopez

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