Anavarex 10 (Anavar)

Anavarex 10 (Anavar)

  • Most mild oral anabolic available
  • Best for getting lean and cut
  • Top choice for females but ample strong enough for men too
  • Water retention is virtually zero
  • Most underrated anabolic on the market
  • Studies show its capable of fat burning and gains are easy to keep
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What is Anavarex 10?

If you don't like injections and are looking for something with low side effects than no need to look further than the wonderful compound Anvar 10.  Its not only safe for women, but its strong enough for a man.  Low androgenic and mildly anabolic it gives you keepable gains without any sloppy water weight.  Studies have also shown that it capable of burning fat.  Since it gives you slow and steady gains without any water the gains are much more easy to keep.

Manufactured by: Golden Star Labs


Var is generally stacked with - Clenbuterall and Winstroll

What's in a bottle?

1 bottle is 60 tablets @ 50mgs/tab


Take 1 tablet, 2 times per day for 30-60 days (4-8 week cycle).
1 tablet in AM, 1 tablet 30 minutes pre-workout (before your workout); also take on non-workout days.  For best results, use in a 2 months cycle.


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